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Art time

15994578_1417899718221878_3251784672987829442_o A week ago I wanted to do some painting with Te Aumihi. After giving it some thought, I decided to make my own paint. Why buy finger paint that’s $17+ and that you don’t totally know what it contains when you can get a box of cornflour for around $1.65, make lots of paint that you know is non-toxic.

After doing some research I decided on the Learning 4 Kids recipe for paint. It was super quick and easy to make.  4 tablespoons of cornflour and I got four good-sized jars of paint.

I made it up and set Te Aumihi up on a plastic sheet with paper and paint. I was super excited and got down by her to paint but she was completely uninterested. She dipped her fingers in it, looked at me like ‘what on earth’, wiped it off and sat there. 10 minutes of encouragement and painting with her and she still wasn’t interested. I gave up and decided to wait until the end of the week when my nieces would be with us.

Once my nieces were at our house, I set them up with the paint. They were so excited. They painted multiple pictures and talked and laughed. Te Aumihi tried again the paint. This time she grabbed the jar and tried to drink it. I knew this would happen and that was a huge reason I wanted to make paint. My nieces thought this wa16121659_1424258580919325_562535807_os absolutely hilarious.

They used all the paper up in no time. So I told them to jump in the paddling pool and let them paint on the sides of the pool. They were so excited and thought that was awesome. The paint washes off easily, you can add a little bubble bath or shampoo to ensure it washes off easily.

I will definitely be making paint for them all in the future. They enjoyed it so much!


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