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4 months

My baby girl is now 4 months. I am a bit late writing this but the 30th was my mums birthday and I never had time to write a post. We had such a busy day; did a few loads of washing, walked to town, went to the doctors, the bank, the chemist, did the groceries and made a pineapple lump slice for mum. Busy day huh.

Te Aumihi is growing so much so fast!! It is crazy how quickly time has gone by. I have started putting her in the jolly jumper. I only put her in for short bursts (10 minutes) at a time as I’m not sure of the effects that it can have on her back, hips etc. She absolutely loves it. She smiles and giggles the entire time.

Another thing that she has started doing is trying to do zerbets (raspberries). When she wants to play she will start trying to do them. She loves when you do them on her stomach too. Our little game is giving her a few zerbets and then pretending. Going in and coming back just before I get to her. She thinks it is hilarious and giggles so much.

As she’s getting older she is getting more inquisitive. She loves to know what is happening around her, sometimes making nap times hard. My Aunty recently bought her an Oball. She absolutely loves it because its easy to hold and good for her to try and chew. She is also trying to start play with her different toys. I am so excited and cannot wait until she can sit up and starts playing with more toys.



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